• History


    Did you know … Wheat Ridge is home to one of the largest single liquor stores in the country?


    Applejack Liquors opened in 1964 under the ownership of Herb Becker. Herb then moved it to its present location in 1974 as the Applewood Shopping Center began to develop. In 1980 Alan Fries purchased Applejack, who then coerced his son-in-law, Jim Shpall, to assume co-ownership in 1994. Under Jim’s direction, Applejack Liquors reputation and sales grew, double and tripling anticipated numbers. They werebecoming a national success story! Jim was, and is, definitely a visionary ahead of the time


    Today the store occupies about 90K sqft, offers over 18,000 products, which includes wines from most every country throughout the world. To manage their massive in store sales, the multiple register check-out was introduced, a model now used by several chains.


    And how tall is their sign you may ask? Almost 50’, one of the tallest in Denver Metro!