• Potential Bills for 2019

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    November 30, 2018
    Potential business-related bills coming in 2019  
    Labor and Employment • Mandate for paid family and medical leave  • Prohibit employers from asking applicants about salary history • Liability for discrimination in pay based on gender • Prohibit employers from screening applicants for criminal history • Mandatory state-run IRA plan for employees • Permit local governments to set their own minimum wage • Independent contractor misclassification • Predictive scheduling • Limiting binding arbitration in employment and consumer contracts • Work Comp doctor choice • Rewrite of the Labor Peace Act • Workforce development 
    Transportation • Really hard to say at this point. Anything is possible other than bonding with no new revenue or an increase in the state sales tax (defeated Props 109 and 110).   Taxes and Economic Development • Reform to the Gallagher Amendment • Protection for specials districts under Gallagher • Modifications to the new emergency sales tax collection rules • Revenue allocation in urban renewal, downtown redevelopment districts 
    Health Care • Health care/hospital/pharmaceutical cost transparency • Licensure of free-standing ERs • In-network/Out-of-network restrictions and disclosures • Retail pharmacies vs pharmacy benefit managers • Increase caps on medical malpractice lawsuits 
    Natural Resources and Environment • Oil and gas setbacks • Increased mandates for renewable energy, energy efficiency • New mandates for greenhouse gas or carbon emissions 
    Government Contracting • “Best Value” contracting • Prevailing wages • Apprenticeship quotas 
    • Increase the caps on non-economic damages in tort lawsuits 
    • Affordable housing • Landlord/tenant rights • Homeless Bill of Rights • Elections reform/Electoral College